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Ombre Print Two Piece Co-Ord Set Pant & Shirt

Ombre Print Two Piece Co-Ord Set Pant & Shirt

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FLABAE women's rayon ombre printed co-ord set typically includes a matching top and bottom made from rayon fabric with an ombre print design. This type of ensemble offers a cohesive and stylish look without the need to coordinate separate pieces. Here's what you might expect to find in such a set:

  1. Rayon Fabric: Rayon is a soft and breathable fabric, making it comfortable to wear, especially in warmer weather. It also has a beautiful drape, adding elegance to the overall silhouette of the co-ord set.

  2. Ombre Print Design: The ombre print design would feature a gradual transition of colors, creating a visually appealing gradient effect on both the top and bottom pieces. The specific colors used and the direction of the ombre effect (e.g., light to dark or vice versa) would depend on the design of the co-ord set.

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