Welcome to Flabae, where we strive to keep you on-trend and in style.

Our collection of clothing and accessories is carefully curated to ensure that we offer only the best quality products. We understand that fashion is not only about looking good, but also feeling good, which is why we only select fabrics that are comfortable and durable.

We believe that fashion should be for everyone, which is why we offer a wide range of sizes to accommodate all body types. We want everyone to feel confident and stylish in their clothes, no matter their shape or size.

We also believe in providing exceptional customer service. From our easy-to-use online store to our friendly and knowledgeable customer service team, we're always here to assist you in any way we can.

The Story

Who Are We ?

In the era where everything in the world is so fast-paced, we are bringing to you a slow fashion brand for women, exclusively designed in India for Indian women. While our clothes are fashionable, we don’t make clothes based on trends. Our clothing is simple, effortless and based on you, your style and your needs.

Our priorities are equally simple: Ultimate comfort, versatility and quality at value for money.

Flabae: THE SOUL

Why Choose FLABAE ?

Our products at FLABAE are made to last and made to be worn over and over. We are not a one-season wonder; we are your must-haves, your wardrobe staple. Our clothing is made keeping in mind the likes and style of an Indian woman. Be it your curves, your mood and the colour that matches your mood, our clothing is made for every occasion. Be it the place you’re visiting, the people you’re meeting, from conference rooms to an evening of cocktails, we make clothes that match your unique style. And most importantly, we make clothes that make you look and feel good.

We handpick each of our materials to make the finest of pieces that you can cherish for a lifetime. We are conscious about the price as much as we are about the quality. Hence, we bring to you the best of clothing that compliments you in your unique way.



Multigenerational artisans have used their expertise to handcraft our designs. We are proud of our Indian heritage and proudly support the ‘Make in India’ campaign. Many have made significant efforts to revive indigenous regional crafts and promote traditional artisans to create products that are contemporary and usable in today’s day and age.

“Each FLABAE design you own would be synonymous with exquisite craftsmanship, aesthetic design, and durability”.



They love, and are loved deeply. They find strength in nurturance, of their, and of those around who need them the most. It is thus befitting that the brand is inspired and named after the aroma weaving. On this busy schedule we’re taking you off rumpus with very little time to explore bespoke occasion wear, leading to a desire for ready-to-wear options for events & functions.

FLABAE encourages you to make a statement without overpowering your identity and personal style. These clothes not only connect you to your emotions, grace, and strength but also accentuate them.

FLABAE encourages you to make a statement without overpowering your identity and personal style.